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The competition will take place between the 2nd and the 4th of November;

2.1. All registrations must be made until 3pm on November 1st, either on AEFAUP’s headquarters or by email to;

2.2. No registration will be accepted unless it submits, explicitly and clearly, the data mentioned at the end of this document;

2.3. Any registration that lacks one or more of this data, or that submits invalid data, will not be accepted;

2.4. Any registration that is deemed fraudulent will be disqualified, even if the proposal has been submitted;

3.1. To each participant/team, upon validation of the registration, will be given a code, consisting of the word GO followed by three digits (e.g.: GO000) which will serve as the sole identifying element of the submitted proposals;

3.2. Any submitted proposal which presents any elements that allow identifying its authors will be disqualified;

3.3. Any submitted proposal that does not present the code assigned to the participant/team will be disqualified;

4.1. The program and site, as well as all documents deemed relevant for the concretization of the proposals, will be announced at 6pm on November 2nd by an e-mail sent to e-mail address provided with the registration;

4.2. Any participant/team that does not receive the e-mail mentioned above should contact the organization using the contacts presented at the end of this document;

Each team must have a maximum of 3 members, which may or may not be studying at the same colleged;

6.1. Every proposal must submitted as an A1 poster;

6.2. The poster must contain any elements deemed necessary to explain the proposal, as well as a descriptive/conceptual memory. These elements are not necessarily computer-generated and may even contain collages, photo montages of sketches;

6.3. It should also be part of the poster, visibly and clearly, the code assigned to the participant/team;

7.1. No model is required. Models may be purely conceptual;

7.2. The delivery of the models will take place between 6pm and 8pm of November 4th, at AEFAUP’s headquarters. These will only be accepted upon presentation of an ID document of the participant/team member delivering it;

The end of the competition will take place at 8pm of November 4th. Every proposal must be submitted as a .pdf or .jpeg document by e-mail to;

Every submission beyond this deadline will be rejected, with no possibility of appeal;

10.1. The appreciation of the proposals will be made by a jury composed by professionals connected to area;

10.2. The jury will be announced on November 1st on the blog;

10.3. The jury’s decision is final, with no possibility of appeal;

11.1. The best proposal will be awarded with the 1st place prize which will be revealed in due course;

11.2. Go! Architecture v.04’s organization is committed, and if the winner(s) which so, to promoting the realization of the winning proposal with the competent authorities and with the help of the winning participant/team. This realization is not guaranteed by the organization, which excuses any liability therefrom;

The jury reserves the right not to award the 1st place if the quality of the submitted proposals is not satisfactory or if the winning proposal is proved invalid;

The organization reserves the right of ownership of the submitted proposals and images with no commercial purposes and without limit of time or use, in particular in exhibitions and posters as well as in their advertising, whether through the traditional media or electronic media;

Any questions or missing cases presented to the organization will be discussed and answered, being the decision final and with no possibility of appeal.

Data to be submitted for registration;
- Full name of each participant;
- College, Project (or equivalent) year and age of each participant;
- Official document which proves the enrollment of each participant in the mentioned college
- Phone number and e-mail address of each team’s representative.


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