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Given the difficult work situation architects face today, we intend to introduce alternative themes to the traditional project practice in this Go! Architecture edition.
Thus, we promote a project action that exceeds the limits of design and puts in evidence the work of the architect as an enhancer of the regeneration and development of a specific urban area (in this case part of Vitória parish, in Oporto) with significant social and cultural impact. As so, we will launch a set of guidelines and ways of using space that allows several approaches and intervention proposals that respond to the needs of the local population, namely:

- Creating a space of community aggregation, which should work as the conceptual and physical basis for the whole intervention.
This space must fill in (completely or not) the lot located at the crossing of S. Bento da Vitória (to the west) and Caldeireiros (to the north) streets. To the east and south the lot is surrounded by buildings.

            This space must contain
- a reception that works as an information point about the surrounding area;
- multipurpose room(s) that can be used for meetings, exhibitions, as an auditorium, …;
- sanitary facilities;
- a workshop;
- a storage area.

The versatility and adaptability of each of this spaces will be taken into account, and the areas corresponding to each use will be at the discretion of the participants.

You must take into consideration the proximity to Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória (part of Teatro Nacional São João – São João National Theatre) and to Cadeia da Relação/Centro Português de Fotografia (Portuguese Photography Centre), two major cultural life centres for the whole downtown area. Please note that the lot falls into an intense nightlife area which is also classified as World Heritage by UNESCO;

However the intervention area is not restricted to the lot but should be extended to other spaces located in the area circumscribed, approximately, by Taipas (to the west), Assunção (to the north) and Vitória (to the east and south) streets. Thus it will be valued:

- the awareness of the social importance that a coherent line of interventional actions may have;

- the combinantion of the intent to improve the resident population’s quality of life with the enhancement of the touristic experience in the area, which can be accomplished through anything from the reassessment of the health conditions to the creation of new signs, furniture, routes or public spaces;

            - the understanding of the need to intertwine several artistic disciplines.

Do not forget:

- the proposals must be delivered in A1 format, as .pdf or .jpeg file, by e-mail to until 8pm of November 4th (sunday);
- any model you wish to deliver will be received in person at AEFAUP’s headquarters between 6pm and 8pm of November 4th (sunday);
- the sole identifying element of the proposal must be the code which was assigned to your team. Otherwise the proposal will be disqualified. The same penalty will be applied if the code is not presented or visible.

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